Monday, 13 October 2014

  Heey long time no see yaaa! I have graduated from junior high school btw Alhamdulillah :) Now i'm on the way turning into a senior high school student hehe. Well, i wanna tell ya something bout 'ignoring the future' I was dissapointed when i saw the final report from my teacher. I was really stressed and really mad until i wasn't feel the hungry of my stomach. I really feel sorry for my parents. I can't be the best. I was crying all the time. My mother said to me "It's okay. What can u you do to change your score into a good score? That's impossible! Time has passed darl. Nothing can bring you to the past when you were doing the exam and change the scores. It's over. But i think these scores are good. You were doing those exam all alone with your brain. That's not so bad. The most important is you have to be grateful for everything you've done. Alhamdulillah you've officially graduated." Ya, glad to hear that my mom still appreciate me. My father also said to me "How's the report? Its bad or good?" i said "hmm ya...." my father "This is good child! Altough i know there are many of your friends have a better scores than yours but its okay, i appreciate you! You've work hard with your brain. Congratulations child!" Omg i was so wow alhamdulillah i've got mommy and daddy who loves me even i'm at the bad scores. I was so grateful and lucky to have them. I will do the best in the senior high school later. I'll study hard to get some achievements. I wanna make them proud of me. I wanna hear my mom and dad say "Mom proud of you!" and "Nah this is my daddy's girl!" With those sentences i live happily. Nothing can break my happiness with those words. I always always and always love them forever after.

Sorry for the late posting and the gramatically incorect. Thanks for those who has read my short story;)

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